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eWorkshop Hosting - The More Effective Way to Build Your Business with Online Educational Videos

More and more companies are using eWorkshops to reach out to customers, prospects and employees. An effective online presentation is just one requirement for a successful eWorkshop. You need additional infrastructure to promote the event, register attendees, conduct the eWorkshop and follow up with the attendees. We provide the tools and services to help you every step of the way.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Eura Unrath - Scientific Photographer at Roboto Industries - Teo wrote my business plan and found some revenue models I hadn't considered. I am looking forward to working with Teo on some of the things in the plan. Great work. Great at finding potential problems and working through to the best answer. I had a good time working with him too. If you need a business plan, Teo does a great job! - March 17, 2012, Eura was Teo's client


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