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How to Publish Your Book on Amazon for $99

With Amazon's BookSurge Print On Demand service, you can offer your perfect-bound, printed book on Amazon for only $99, with no further cost to you. Amazon takes the order, and prints and ships the book within 48 hours, and then pays you a 25% royalty. Brad Jensen shows you how he did it with his own books and tells you how to get started.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Logan Vaughn - Graphic Artist at Zevo Toys Studio - I had Teo make some video Tutorials and used one of his voice over specialists for the project. Great work. Quick work too. They're really short, but cover everything. I couldn't have scripted anything near as good as what I got. If you are looking for video tutorials, Teo is the man! - March 17, 2012, Logan was Teo's client


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