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Finding a Referral Marketing Solution!

We discovered the need for more effective marketing and created an entire field called Master Mind Marketing. We saw the need a huge need for this as people exit their current lines of work and move toward starting new businesses. Also, many people have a large list of contacts and are looking to fine-tune it into something that works for them - the need is to find a way to hone the list into the few people that are really interested in working with you.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Harold Ramsey - Php Developer at Euromerica USA - Man... I was lost on my business plan until I met Teo through his program. He came up with several completely new revenue models for my business that I totally missed! This guy is a powerhouse too with information distribution on the web... When it comes to tech, his firm is a one stop shop! - March 15, 2012, Harold was Teo's client


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