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1. Bookmarks: 5 How To Use Your Blog to Market Your Business Have you just started blogging? Or have you been blogging for a while? As you may already know, a blog is an excellent tool to let the world know about your business or your product, to connect with potential customers and promote your expertise. But how can you maximize your blog's impact? Here are five tips to do just that:
2. Bookmarks: 5 Article Publishing Is A Key Component Of Internet Marketing Frequently when I am communicating with other webmasters and I bring up the subject of writing articles, I often get a response like "I'd rather have a root canal, I just can't write", or "my spelling is horrible and my grammar is not much better". In my view, the first excuse is just a matter of attitude. The latter excuse falls on deaf ears because the major word processing programs have good spelling and grammar checking capabilities.
3. Bookmarks: 0 The Key To Distributing Articles So you have written a great article on your area of expertise, but how are you going to distribute it? This is where many people fall-over in the article publishing business. If you create an article and put it on your site people aren’t just going to turn up and read it. This reminds me of an old story I was told by a friend. When he was a child he decided to make chips and sell them to make some pocket money. He made the chips and set up the stall in his parent’s ki...
4. Bookmarks: 0 Secrets of Article Publishing Success Writing a lot of articles these days? You may have heard it is a great way to drive traffic to your site. But unless you are following these key points your work may be in vain. Before you submit another article read this over to make sure your article submission is successful.
5. Bookmarks: 0 Jack Up Your Site Popularity By Submitting Articles Article explains the reason why article publishing and marketing is so powerful that not only does it give you credibility as an expert, but it also helps your popularity with the search engines. In the long run, doing so brings in more real visitors to your site!.
6. Bookmarks: 8 How to Create Effective Web Publishing Content I frequently tell my coaching clients about the importance of regularly updating web site content. Fresh content keeps customers coming back and gets indexed more frequently by search engines. Novelty spurs attention, whether human or technological. A few months ago, I received a question from a student who really wanted to update his web site on a regular basis, but was struggling with finding new material. Here are a few ideas for generating fresh content:
7. Bookmarks: 4 How to Get Your Promotional Articles Accepted by Publishers If you want to get more traffic and sales from your promotional articles, and you want to get your articles listed on more sites, then you need to target your publisher market correctly.
8. Bookmarks: 12 8 Mistakes You Should Avoid Before Sending Article To Ezine Publishers. #Make your article published; avoid some mistakes that many article authors did.

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