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Three major solution services we offer... Email Marketing, Outlook CRM & WebCasting

Email Marketing
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  • Quick Creation of Professional Looking Emails
  • Step By Step Wizard means no technical expertise required
  • Library of over 400 templates
  • Complete List Management from within SalesOutlook CRM
  • Real-time results tracking from within SalesOutlook CRM
  • Permission management & Improved Deliverability

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Outlook CRM
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Completely Integrated within the Folder Structure of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

No External SQL Database is Required!

  • Automatically Save all incoming and outgoing Emails to the Contact Records
  • Very Intuitive and easy to use Navigation Bar and User Interface
  • Powerful and Flexible Reporting Engine (Crystal Reports)
  • Customization to fit the needs of various divisions, functions and users
  • Custom forms, custom fields, programming API and custom reporting
  • Integration with Blackberry, iPhone and other Mobile Devices
WebCast Management
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  • Expert Guidance and Support
  • Experienced Event Planners
  • Full-service WebCast Production Services
  • Invitation and Presentation Editing
  • Scripting
  • Rehearsal
  • Event Monitoring
  • Recording and Reporting

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