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Fixing Health Care: It Can Be Done

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It is human nature to accept gifts, especially if they are “FREE”, or at least seem to be free. After all, birthdays, Christmas, and other event are celebrated with the exchange of gifts. There is nothing wrong with honoring someone with gifts on special occasions. The danger and purpose of this newsletter is to differentiate between various gifts, and to point out how dangerous some gifts are if the intentions are not honorable.
The American people have been duped by politicians for the past sixty years because politicians have exploited the so called “giving of gifts” to gain favor with many of their constituents by “giving” them Health Care, among other things. The truth is that government gifts are not free even to the constituents who pay no taxes. Everyone, even the poor, have to eat, clothe, and live somewhere and even if they pay no taxes, they are paying more for all of the necessities because somewhere, someone paid more in taxes while providing life’s necessities. The plain truth is that about 70% of government expenditures are “vote buying gifts”.
We will never fix health care until people assume responsibility for their health and learn the truths about health care. This theme will be prominent in upcoming newsletters until Americans learn some basic truths. The first basic truth is that “FEAR” of health care costs need not be a driving factor when we are in that voting booth. Another truth we will expand on is there has never been a government program that worked as well as politicians told us it would. Still another basic truth is that any health care insurance program is nothing more than a financial plan to pre-pay for health care costs that may or may not be necessary or utilized.
I will be writing more about health care, especially the truths and how it can be fixed. I use the term “fixed” because if the “liberal/socialist/communist politicians” currently in Washington DC have their way with government provided health care, not only the United States, but the world is doomed to permanent substandard health care, and I hate to think where that scenario can go. Elections have consequences and over 60 million voters in the last election sold their vote to the highest bidder. We can do better!
The next few newsletters will be more of the “truths” and “realities” about health care and everything the topic of “Health Care” encompasses. The challenge for me is to present the information in a positive way so as to keep your interest. During the nearly 25 years I spent serving the public some of their health care needs I learned that people do not want to hear the truth. The more experience I gained in health care, the more conservative I became with advice. I learned that people could be a lot healthier if they quit taking 70% of their prescriptions, ate healthier foods, exercised more, got out of debt and improved their attitude toward life. I currently have an ebook available called “Ten Tenet For Better Health” on my website, or through Amazon Kindle.
I would love to hear from you and answer questions you may have. Have a GREAT DAY!

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