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A Tourist Guide To New England

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New England is a beautiful part of the USA with both rural and urban areas. The region has a vast history that can be seen and felt within its traditional villages and impressive metropolis areas. The areas beaches are natural and rugged in appearance and the architecture portrays the revolutionary history. New England is comprised of the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Travelling There

Flying is an easy option as Boston’s Logan International Airport receives flights from all over the world. If you are traveling from within the USA then the rail service would be a suitable option. This runs from Boston along the east coast as well as inland. Driving is also an option as the roads in the area are of good quality and networked.


The region is huge and offers all kinds of accommodation for a range of budgets. This includes hotels, villas, cabins or campsite accommodation. However, the region gets busy in holiday seasons so it is important to pre-book well in advance.


The region obtained its name when the English colonised it under the rule of James I. During this time, New England’s income came mainly from the many fishing, farming and timber industries within the area. However, colonizing the region was no east task as the Native American Indians fought and fought for the freedom of the territory up until the American Revolution, where the battle ended and the Americas won.

Sights and Attractions

Boston is a must see if you go to New England. It is a beautiful city with enormous historical appeal. There are also numerous museums and restaurants that makes for a great few days stay. To get a feel for the historic times of New England, drive up the coast and experience the beaches and rural setting. Cape Cod is the location that the tourists tend to head for.


The many cosmopolitan cities provide a great choice for the ‘shopaholics’. Boston is riddled with huge air-conditioned malls and shopping centers. If you like browsing through markets then you are in luck as the majority of urban areas in New England have weekly markets.

Dining Options

There are dozens of great restaurants to choose from in New England. The majority of eating establishments are proud of their fresh seafood. Cape Cod has plenty of dining options that offer a unique experience to customers. The region itself is famed for clambakes and bean suppers so they are a must have bite to eat.

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