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Hobbies That Pay

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Many people have hobbies. Retirees and housewives often have hobbies to help keep them occupied during moments of relaxation or boredom. But not many people realize that you can make money from most hobbies. By taking your hobbies and turning them into cash at flea markets and swap meets, you can easily earn a modest income while having fun.

Crocheting is one of the highest paying hobbies. Crochet thread is often inexpensive while still being durable, washable, and delicate in appearance. Crocheted table cloths, curtains, and bedspreads can be completed within a month by most experts in the craft, and can be sold for hundreds of dollars depending on size and pattern.

Other home decoration hobbies like wreath making, basket weaving, or wood working can also be turned into easy income. Quilting is also a great hobby to make money from. Since fewer and fewer people know how to quilt, a hand made quilt is hard to come by, and therefore valuable. You can often make at least a fifty percent profit on your completed quilts. Baby quilts are also very popular.

Sewing and knitting of any kind can be very profitable hobbies. Knit sweaters, baby hats, booties, mittens, and other items can be big sellers at flea markets and swap meets. Clothing items can also be sold at these locations very easily. Well made home sewn clothing is often stronger than the cheap clothes that you can get at the local department store, but can be sold for the same price or less while still earning the seamstress quite a bit of money. Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses can be huge income earners for the expert seamstress.

One of the best hobbies to make money from is gift baskets. Decorating jars and other containers using appliqué, ribbons, and paint can be combined with the creative mixture of perfumes, bath oils, and bubble baths to make very pretty, country style gift baskets. These bath baskets are great for gifts all season round, including mother’s day, birthdays, and Christmas, making them a very profitable hobby.

Gardening is also one of the more profitable hobbies. If you like to garden but don’t really need everything you plant, you can take the left over to a farmer’s market. You can also simply set up a stand on the side of the road in some communities. Fresh produce is a great commodity, and can earn you a hefty income in the spring.

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