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Join the Viral Marketing Alliance - Three Ways To Join

Submitted by Teo Graca and Stephen Adler | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me!

Compared to the game of Chess, viral marketing is an easy game to play! There are only 3 key player types in the Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA) - the article reader, the article writer, and the VMA website owner. Although readers and writers can participate at no cost, the real advantage is to the VMA website owners.

Let's take a look at the 3 player types.

1. The Reader

With a little over 3 years under our belt, we already have a solid readership. We are proud of our statistics, and unlike most systems, we publish these stats live on every page of the Article Advocates website and all of the VMA websites, along with stats for article syndication, article visits and other statistics. This allows readers to participate in so many ways. Readers are the key of the entire VMA system - they initiate article syndications by simply finding and reading an article. They share content on the social media sites, bookmark content, add comments, etc. There is absolutely no cost to the readers - just free and valuable content that they can absorb. Our primary goal is to attract the readers and keep them coming back for more - article readers represent all the benefits experienced by the other players in our system - the writers and VMA website owners.

2. The Writer

We have nurtured a solid set of writers over the last 3 years and now have over 12,000 articles in the system. As the number of articles grows, it keeps the readers coming back for more. Writers benefit from being able to provide good information that links back to their own websites, and they can demonstrate this through the live statistics showing exactly what articles are being read, where and how often - their value to their employers or their businesses is raised every time they get a new reader. There is no cost to the writers - just a powerful way to store private ideas, publish and syndicate articles and track their stats live on the site.

3. The VMA Website Owner

Website Owners in our alliance have all of the above benefits plus enormous traffic and their brands are prominently displayed as they can capture qualified leads on every page on their VMA websites. They get instant depth for their VMA websites through relevant articles in the alliance matched to their website tag theme and the content associated with each article the readers find. Readers can share any article they find on a VMA website owner's site on over 300 other social media sites - these shares link back to the VMA website on which the article was found. Also, the syndication feature builds a huge number of in-bound links through the entire VMA system of websites. The key benefit to the website owners is that once readers begin coming back time and time again to their VMA websites, the owners conversions processes show up on every page - VMA owners have an opportunity to convert readers on every web page on their websites. Outside of the alliance, your 800lb gorilla profiles (VMA websites) get you high organic search engine rankings attracting a steady stream of new visitors.

Call To Action

We include an email marketing opt-in form on your VMA websites from companies you can work with like iContact, Constant Contact, mailChimp and aWeber. It's important for you to capture leads and market to them, and we can include your form on every page of your VMA website. You can also create separate forms to capture prospects into a different list per website. Consider including your phone number or other call to action on every page of your VMA website. You can include PayPal and Google Checkout "Buy Now" and "Shopping Cart" buttons on your product articles, and you can include as many articles as you like. These can be syndicated on the other VMA websites based on the keyword matching strategy built into the VMA system.

Multiple Website Marketing

Think about increasing your potential leads by creating multiple websites through this system. Each VMA website allows you to capture traffic (targeted leads) on various market segments associated with your business.

The Next Step

To get started, call 615-266-6386 to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Advertising is also available on some of the VMA websites.


Click Here for more information on any of these services. For VMA websites, get on our schedule now - it is filling quickly!

To learn how you can benefit from this ground breaking system, we have more details posted at:

We also offer free teleseminars on this powerful strategy for VMA website owners that want to take a proactive approach to building their sales funnels!

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