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How To Make The Things Around You Work For You With The Right Cigarette Cases

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Way back year 1910, The Board of United States General appraisers held that cigarette cases are not “articles of personal adornment”. They claimed that cigarette cases are items you carry in your pocket for convenience and utility and that they are limited by their usefulness. I’d say they have yet to lay their eyes on the irresistibly chic cigarette cases sprouting in the market these days.

As Much for Ornamentation as for Usefulness

No one would argue that these cigarette cases are indeed useful. But why, they make your cigarette sticks very handy. Now you don’t have to worry about them crumpling or breaking into halves. But you’ll have to admit it. You are using them as much for ornamentation as for utility.

That’s how it is these days. The line between usefulness and ornamentation is wallowing in obscuration. The line between needing and wanting is fast disappearing. But why, mighty forces have inculcated within people a tenacious desire for luxury that quenching this desire has become as vital as having a roof on their heads.

Mindless Consumerism

Go ahead and blame the cunning advertisers for this unspeakably mindless consumerism. But what have you left to do but to join the bandwagon? After all, it’s part of the political animal that you are. You need to belong. You need to be one amongst the many.

You can make the situation work for you though. These things only become damaging when allowed to reach uncontrollable heights. Like they say, too much of anything is bad.

What’s in Store

There is nothing wrong with looking good. There is nothing wrong with looking gracious and respectable. There is nothing wrong with taking the extra length to look chic and sophisticated. And there is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself, of exuding a lot of self-confidence. There is nothing wrong with that!

So go ahead and vie for those nice things. Go ahead and aim to be captivating, to inspire awe and confidence all at the same time. Then you’ll see what else is in store for you. When you look good, you become a tad more confident. When you’re confident, you’re willing and ready to face the world, to deal with people. When you’re ready to do this, you’re ready to become a person of substance, a person that contributes to his society.

Dangerous When Overdone

Now what’s wrong with becoming that person? What’s wrong with mixing utility and ornamentation? What’s wrong with shopping for cigarette cases that are as beguiling as they are useful? Just like smoking, they become dangerous when overdone. Too much consumerism is pure evil. But consumerism at the right amount is a beautiful mix of practicality and aesthetics.

So go ahead and make the things around you work to your advantage. Yes, they’re shrewd but you can be just as shrewd. There is no use sulking and playing the victim or dwelling in bitterness acting all revengeful. Life remains to be as you make it. So conquer yourself and conquer the world both in practicality and beauty!

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