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Focus on Others to Feel Better Yourself - 5 Kindness Motivation Tips

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Focus on Others to Feel Better Yourself -

Many times we can be guilty of focusing mostly on our troubles and worries. It can become an effort to do the everyday things like washing dishes, mowing the lawn, feeding the kids a decent meal. Is there a way to overcome these feelings that keep us down and unwilling to do the things we need to do? Is there a way to get back on track emotionally and make a difference at the same time?

One surefire way to get your mind off your troubles and to make a difference is to stop focusing on yourself and focus instead on someone else and their needs. There are countless people who very seldom receive any kindness or thoughtful treatment; many who need to know they matter to someone; many who need to know someone cares. You can make a difference and lift your spirits all at one time!

Once you've decided to take this step, what do you do? Below are five kindness motivation tips from the e-book, "101 Ways to Change the World".

1. Everyone needs friendship (even you).

  • Spend an afternoon with someone you know is lonely and don't make it just a one-time visit.
  • Decide to drop by on a regular basis.
  • Send them notes.
  • Become a lifeline for just that one person.
  • 2. Find a kid who needs to know they matter - unfortunately, there are way too many of them.

  • Determine to make that kid know someone believes they are special.
  • Send a card or note every week (at least).
  • If you know what they are interested in, send them articles about it.
  • Send stories that will build self-confidence and inspire them to be all they can be.
  • Most of all let them know you care. Imagine how much it means to feel special - especially to a child who seldom receives any kindness, small gifts or hugs.
  • 3. Share flowers or vegetables from your garden

  • Take some to an elderly neighbor who can no longer garden.
  • Take some to a friend going through a hard time.
  • Drop them off at a neighbor's house 'just because'.
  • 4. Become an email Pen Pal with someone - it is so easy to send daily e-mails in order to make a difference in someone's life. You could email:

  • A kid in a detention enter
  • Someone in a Nursing Home
  • Someone with special needs who can't leave home
  • A foster child
  • Kids in an orphanage
  • 5. Put gift certificates in a special card or note. Go to your local:

  • Bowling alley
  • Skating rink
  • Amusement park, etc.
  • Ask them to give you free coupons you can share with kids who need to know that someone cares and who need a little kindness.
  • Many of the bad things happening in our world are done by people who never believed they mattered. No one took the time to show kindness or let them know they are special. Just one act - changing a person's anger and sadness with your love - can have a far-reaching impact!

    Use these five kindness motivation tips to start your own ideas flowing. For even more motivational tips, down load "101 Ways to Change the World" at You'll certainly make a difference to someone each time you use these motivation tips - because showing kindness is contagious!

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