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eWorkshop Hosting - The More Effective Way to Build Your Business with Online Educational Videos

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There is an easier way to build your business with online eWorkshops for education and presentations.

eWorkshops Are A Proven System That Provides Anywhere Anytime Online Videos. Our Systems Allow You To Publish And Schedule New Releases Anytime. Our Easy To Use System Also Provides Full Reporting, Billing, And Other Benefits To Create A Powerful New Component For Your Branding Strategy.

An eWorkshop is an online seminar presentation of your webinars and live webcasts that your customers and prospects can review for years to come. Every module is converted to searchable segments that can be consumed by viewers in 2-5 minutes each - this allows participants to move forward with your presentation as time permits.

Need Help Creating Your eWorkshops?

  • We make sure your presentation is captured into an editable format.
  • We edit your eWorkshops into short 2-5 minute segments, branded to your company specs.
  • We post them online so that each segment can be made free or paid, separately.
    • For example: If your presentation ends up with 20 segments, you make a few available for free and use them to attract buyers for the entire presentation.
  • The system provides full tracking and statistical systems that allow you to see which segments get the most views.
  • The system provides blogging and QA features to allows students the opportunity to provide feedback and allows you to apply split testing on new eWorkshop ideas.

In-Person Workshops

For those that provide the in-person events and workshops, this is an effective add-on or replacement for presentations at meetings, seminars, or workshops. It attracts a much larger audience and runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year. eWorkshops are your anytime anywhere solution to training.

Using eWorkshops

More and more companies are using eWorkshops to reach out to customers, prospects and to provide employee training. You can track whether or not someone has viewed your eWorkshops - an important feature to make sure people get the value they paid for, or for certifications, to make sure they completed the required training.

5 steps to creating a successful eWorkshop:

  1. Planning and Setup - Organize Your Modules and Technology to Capture the Presentation.
  2. Publishing - Our easy to use system allows you to publish and schedule the release of each eWorkshop.
  3. Marketing and Promotion - Our system helps you get more attendees.
  4. Registration and Confirmation - Track confirmations, payments and attendance.
  5. Providing Online Access - Get your eWorkshops hosted online and provide anywhere anytime access. 

We provide flawless business infrastructures for our customers around our eWorkshop programs, including powerful revenue model design, sales funnel creation and marketing processes. Get a custom eWorkshop platform to match your style and brand.

Get details on the eWorkshop Recurring Revenue Model for Authors.

Click for Details --> Recurring Revenue Model <--

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