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Interlink Portfolio - Building Your Relevance and SEO Through Multiple Websites

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Creating in-bound links (back links) and out-bound links between your websites and social media accounts is the key to building what Google terms "relevance" - this has become the most effective way to achieve search engine optimization (SEO). Having multiple domains allows you to control and create an interlinking strategy that generates a huge number of targeted leads for your projects.

Your Interlink Portfolio provides a guaranteed return on investment that you own and control. It builds your web presence and is a sure way to build value for your business as each website becomes a valuable company asset. Building just 100 interlinked connections through this process can provide more traffic than most standard SEO campaigns, and once in place, AND it maintains long-standing rankings, you don't have to pay the never ending monthly charges associated with standard SEO plans. This idea here is to own your SEO - don't rent it!


For every 10 outbound links that interlink between your other web sites provides 20 interlinked connections per web site once you get past 10 web sites.

    15 Websites = 300 Interlinked Connections
    30 Websites = 600 Interlinked Connections
    60 Websites = 1,200 Interlinked Connections

These are numbers using only the websites we create for you. When you add accounts that you already have including Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter accounts, these sites also link back to your core web presence and add to your interlink portfolio.

MWM - Interlink Portfolio

While there are plenty of domain names available, the good .com addresses are being purchased and you are losing opportunities to gain what many are calling Internet Real Estate - it's like the NEW LAND GRAB! Let us help you create a branding strategy using available .com domain names and build an Interlink Portfolio for your company that generates a never-ending stream of traffic for your sales funnel process! You might want to consider doing it now, while there are still good .com domains available.

Place a deposit today and we will provide a private consultation session between you and one of our Branding Experts. The purpose of the discussion is to find a branding strategy using available domain names. The deposit will be used to register the domain names discussed while you are on the phone, as approved by you. We will then formulate a complete strategy to optimize the plan discussed.

We also provide education programs for anyone that fills out our Entrepreneur Assessment (click here), where you get an instant evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. If you invest 10 minutes into this, we will provide a free consultation with an assigned mentor. The assessment also helps the mentor communicate with you better.

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Generally available weekdays, 9am to 5pm EST

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Jeff Brodsky - Director of Operational Excellence at Park N' Fly - I worked with Teo during the early stages of Net-Teams and he is a powerhouse with an extraordinary ability to bring together teams and ignite them behind his vision. He has a great understanding of the process of building companies through building a vision and a team and developing capital and has been a pioneer in social networking in the Atlanta Mtero market. - January 23, 2011, Jeff worked directly with Teo at Net-Teams, Inc.


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