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Web Interlinker

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The Web Interlinker allows you to connect multiple websites, social media profiles and articles to create a strategic path to your products and services. These interlinked connections create relevance and builds credibility and rankings in the search engines. It allows people to discover and experience your brand in a variety of ways,  and makes it easier for them to make a buying decision.

What is the Web Interlinker?

Our Technology Works Within the Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA) system and is part of the Multiple Website Marketing (MWM) tool set that is available from every VMA website. The VMA combines a number of technologies like ours and is provides a low-cost solution that creates a highly effective strategy for your business.

What is the VMA?

The VMA provides an easy-to-manage system to create more targeted leads, prospects and customers for your business. It is designed to replace other complicated and costly advertising like PPC (Pay Per Click). Becoming part of the alliance and owning multiple VMA websites provides more bang for your advertising buck. Owning VMA websites opens up new markets that you cannot access using traditional advertising.

MWM - How it works!

If you are serious about starting a new career in web development, starting your own business, or just enhancing your value as an employee for purposes of job security, we will provide a free one-on-one phone consultation with one of our mentors. All we ask is that you take 10 minutes and get your Entrepreneur Assessment (click here). You will get an instant assessment and learn something about yourself. This will also make it easier for your mentor to communicate with you during your consultation.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Wendy Acosta - Owner, Possibilities Unlimited, LLC - I have worked with many 'experts' in the technology field, yet none can surpass the level of knowledge, expertise and creativity that Teo brings to the table. When I need a problem solved, or a foundation built that will evolve and grow as my projects grow, Teo is the only person I call. - January 20, 2011, Wendy was Teo's client


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