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Globalisation magazine, Global Citizens, Citizens of the world, Third Culture Children, Platform for global expression

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Introducing, The Voice of Global Nomads, an online magazine and members-only network. JANERA talk about global themes from the human point of view.

Online global cultural magazine JANERA offers a mix of articles, photos, podcasts and videos.

In’s magazine you can read about the opinions of economic and cultural thought leaders, watch short films about immigration, and listen to podcast interviews with entrepreneurs who live continent-spanning lives. You’ll be inspired by beauty, resourcefulness and courage. It cover social and economic collaboration across borders, describe places and spaces, introduce unique travel experiences and touch your heart with poetry. also provides Global Nomads from everywhere with an online platform to meet, discuss and express themselves. Our vibrant community is becoming a collective voice that expresses our interests and concerns on international issues. When logged in, members can participate in forums, upload their photos, videos, articles and links to news from other sites. Members can also comment on and rate the magazine’s editorial and user-generated content.

Should you not have received an invitation, apply online! We welcome individuals who live a global life, whether physically through travel and relocation, or in spirit through reading thinking and discussions.

We are a contemporary and concerned community that loves to have fun, while expressing ourselves about global issues. We congregate online and off through our – soon to come – live events.

Click on and enjoy, be inspired, and have your say. Leave your inquiries for or

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