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EVER GOT BUSTED BY THE WORLD WIDE WEB? MySpace-ers and Forumgoers Swap Opinions: This is a Great Web-Advertising tool

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Houston, TX – July 23, 2006 – Internet users, for years, have been getting exposed by their Internet history while website entrepreneurs and administrators have wrestled with “breaking into” the mainstream consciousness and finding exposure among the hundreds of millions of websites currently in existence. A new website called, designed by a young, computer-savvy U.S. entrepreneur, changes a computer’s Internet history by substituting visited websites with sites that are pre-screened for content and removes previous versions of the Internet history from the computer – all with one click. These pre-screened websites, called SwapSites, are sponsored by website owners who want to experience this new level of advertising. Sweep and Swap was designed to serve the needs of both the everyday Internet user as well as the everyday website advertiser – bringing them together for mutual benefit.

According to creator, Brian Hull, the combination of an extremely useful consumer webtool and solicited Internet advertisement is a match made in cyberspace. “The SwapSites are quite interesting and human curiosity will cause Internet users to visit the advertisers’ websites after running the ‘Sweep and Swap’ tool,” Hull said. “While demonstrating my newly launched website for a friend, she began shopping on one of the SwapSites!”

In addition, Sweep and Swap is able to change search terms entered in browser toolbars, disguise the names of Internet cookies, and be personalized to produce a more convincing Internet history. Sweep and Swap is a one-click way to protect your privacy online – whether you are sharing a computer, purchasing that surprise gift online, or you simply desire unsuspicious confidentiality when surfing the web.

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