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How To Choose A Money-Making Book Subject

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People never change. Nor do their basic desires. They've existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist for thousands more.

Names of people will change. Technology will change. People's desires won't – their desires are hard-wired into our DNA.

That's good for you – as an author. By knowing what people want, you can profit from their desires. And since their desires are predictable, your ability to make money from your book ideas just got a lot more profitable, as well.

So, you must be wondering what do people want to read.

The top three general desires revolve around: Food, Love, and Money.

There will ALWAYS be a market for new cookbooks, new books on love, and new books on ways to make money. Guaranteed!

This will never change. Ever.

So if you have an idea that fits in one of those categories - you are well on your way to celebrity status. It doesn't have to be an original thought on the subject. It can just be a new spin on an existing topic.

NOTE: People do not buy books because they are bargains. They buy them because they have some hope that they will find something – not matter how small – that will positively add value to their lives.

What else are people interested in reading about...

* Security
* Sex
* Power
* Immortality
* Happiness
* Safety
* Health
* Recognition

Some more generalized topics would be things like:

To attract the opposite sex.
To keep their possessions.
To have more fun.
To satisfy curiosity.
To protect their family.
To be in style.
To have beautiful possessions.
To quench their appetite.
To emulate others.
To avoid trouble.
To avoid criticism.
To be an individual.
To protect their reputation.
To grab opportunities.
To make work easier.

When you brainstorm ideas for your book, keep these customer desires in mind.

NOTE: Although it is good to focus your topic, you should try to keep it in a general category that will be wanted by a larger section of the population.

For example: You don't want to write a book just about "Love" because it's far TOO general of a topic. But you also don't want to focus your topic so much it becomes something like "Love between 20 – 24 year olds in Northwest California."

Yes, I know that was an exaggerated example and you'd never go that targeted but you get my meaning.

Maybe you could write something like "How to be a 20-something in Love." More targeted than just LOVE but still part of a large group of people who would be interested.

NOTE: Go with a subject you're already passionate about.

Don't make this process harder than it has to be. If you're already passionate about gardening, cooking, investing, pet health, etc. then look in that area for the subject of your book.

#1) You will WANT to become a recognized expert in the field. Nothing worse than finding a topic that will make you money but you're embarrassed to be associate with.

I did some research and found a hot topic that could have made me thousands literally overnight... but then I realized I didn't really want my name associated with that topic. Money is important but if you write your book about a topic you're excited about and you become a recognized expert – achieving celebrity status – you will have SO much more than just money in the bank.

#2) Working on your project will seem like anything but work. When I chose a subject specifically because I think it will make money – I'm less than happy to do the writing. When it's about something I enjoy then I can't wait to write and don't want to stop. I've worked until the early hours of the morning because I just lost track of time.

Find something that really gets you excited!

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