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Syndicate Creator - Building Your Social Media Followers

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Advertising has become a serious issue for many companies as the value of traditional advertising has become so much less effective. Social Media Marketing has become the #1 value on the web today. It generates traffic from the social media sites and in turn builds search engine rankings as well as targeted leads, prospects and customers for your business.

Creating your own syndicate of social media specialists can be done through attractive content exposed to a enthusiastic and interested social media users. It can also be created through your current work force or network of friends and fans. There are several key considerations to work through to create an effective syndicate that generates buzz for your content on the Internet. The following processes are worked out with you in our program.

  • Organize Your Brand Online
  • Build and Upgrade Your Core Web Presence
  • Develop a Schedule for Delivering Online Content
  • Create a Plan for Your Content and Build a Powerful Social Media Syndicate that Shares Your Content and Generates Buzz Around Your Brand

Although outsourcing this effort takes much less time and can cost much less, there are many cases where creating your own syndicate makes more sense. Contact our customer service line to get a free consultation for determining the best course of action for your organization - creating your own syndicate or outsourcing it or a combination of both.

You can also move directly into using our syndicate to get your content noticed on Social Media Sites. We have created outsourcing packages that are available right now for each content page you release on the web.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Bob Mcclain - SEO Consultant at Mooby Studio - I am a big fan of Teo. He's got a daily quotes application that I use almost daily. It motivates me. I am working with Teo to come up with a new application for video instruction on FaceBook and when I realized his firm could do everything, it was such a relief! If you are looking for someone that knows his stuff on FaceBook, Teo is your guy! - March 15, 2012, Bob was Teo's client


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