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Car Hire In Berlin For World Cup 2006

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The World Cup in Germany this summer is se tot be not only the biggest sporting event of the decade but also the biggest tourist draw in Europe this year. Berlin will be the centrepiece for this celebration of the beautiful game hosting the final and, as capital of Germany, the main host for the festivities.

Although the influx of tourists is set to be huge, Berlin is well geared up for the opening of the tournament. As one of Europe’s most popular city break destinations and the host for major annual events such as the Love Parade, Berlin is well used to throwing a party. Accommodation however will be thin on the ground in Berlin and anyone looking for a late deal will be struggling to find anything within the parameters of Berlin itself but some of the major hotel booking ( ) resellers may have some late availability on the outskirts of the city or surrounding towns.

For true football fans getting around Germany during the World Cup might be a troublesome affair. Although Germany has one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world, it is also the largest country in Europe and with the 12 host cities spread throughout the land mass, the transport system is set to be bursting at the seams. Renting a car might be the best option for those looking to explore further than Berlin or to use the capital as a base for following their teams’ fortunes in the tournament. Most of the major car rental ( ) firms have a presence in the city and the road network in the city itself and throughout the host cities makes car hire in Berlin and for World cup 2006 a valid option.

Berlin has garnered a reputation as a cultural and party capital since reunification in 1990. A steady influx of short break tourists have ensured that the city has the facilities and tourist infrastructure that one would expect of a major European city and Berlin certainly does not disappoint. There are some interesting towns surrounding the capital and for those exploring the region by car the contrast between east and west although eroded over the last 16 years is still just visible.

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