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Global Nomads are the people of with any nationality, religion or age who have lived in one or more countries other than their native country, they come to live according to their parents occupation. By this childrens are raised to global nomads with other than their culture living in mobile internationally for any professional reasons. so global nomads have to share a unique culture to express or raise their voice in communities. Here there is a online social network for global nomads living internationally to raise their voice. is a online social network community or publication created about global nomads to raise their voice to people in the community. Global Nomads has experience in making and losing of friends, because of their mobility in living, so provides a membership for global nomads to join as a member, we create a vibrant community for global nomads where we link across the streets,. cities, towns, sea, oceans by creating the virtual world for global nomads. is founded and edited by janera soerel and the values are added by allison leigh de frees, farrah sarafa, hannah wallace by editing in various ways. The membership is provided by invitation or application. After becoming a member as a global nomad you can post events and gatherings, engage in lively discussions, attend live events, invite other members.

So register now with to raise your sights as global nomad. Leave your inquiries for or


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