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How about Edinburgh for a Stag Party destination?

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Are you looking for a stag do location with a unique element, but don't want the expense and hassle of travelling overseas? Well a stag do in Edinburgh will provide exactly that, and here I shall provide a little bit more detail why Edinburgh makes such a great location.

The City of Edinburgh:
The initial thing that greets you about Edinburgh is that it is a stunning city, with majestic old buildings, lofted up on a hills and nestled in valleys. on occasion it seems as though the buildings are actually built into and out of the rock.

Edinburgh Stag Activities:
With its rugged mountainous countryside Edinburgh exposes itself to an amazing range of activities - plenty of which cannot be done anywhere else in the UK, such as white water rafting, canyoning, duckies, gorge walking and river bugging. If you don't want any of those then there are also many old favourites such as paintball games, quad bike trekking, clays and archery.

Evening Activities:
Edinburgh comes alive at night and has a amazing range of restaurants, pubs, clubs and trendy bars that will fit all tastes. During the summer period Edinburgh becomes a Festival city, with events running back to back through July and August.

Edinburgh Stag Accommodation
Due to its popularity with stag groups and general tourists, getting accommodation can become an issue - particularly during the summer festival period. On the other hand, there are plenty of hostels in Edinburgh which are a thankful preference for the budget traveller, and for those with a little more funds, apartments offer another excellent quality preference to costly hotels.

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