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A Tourist Guide To Toronto

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Although not the capital of the county, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It has the world’s tallest tower, great theme parks and a beautiful harbour precinct on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is becoming increasingly more popular as a tourist destination.

Travelling there
Generally people arrive to this area of eastern Canada in two ways. The first is to arrive at the Toronto Pearson International airport that is extremely busy and receives lights from worldwide airports. The second way of getting there is by road from the US-Canada border at Niagara Falls. The road network is well designed with links to Detroit, Ottawa and upstate Ontario. If trains take your fancy then the rail is another option.

Accommodation Choices
The majority of hotels in Toronto cater for modest budgets despite there being a great choice of four and five star hotels. The accommodation is scattered all over the city. Staying in the outskirts of the city is not a problem because the public transport system is excellent. Generally, the further away from the city centre you venture, the cheaper the accommodation gets.

A Brief History
Initially, this area of the Great Lakes was inhabited by Native American tribes. Europeans then became interested in the area and the French became established there in 1750. The city then filled up with numbers when immigrants fled there for years.

Sights and Attractions
Toronto is home to the World’s tallest tower known as the CN Tower. It is top of the list for any sightseeing enthusiasts and provides great views of the city and surrounding area. The Harbour attracts the majority of visitors to the city. It is a lively precinct of restaurants, bars, shopping arcades and entertainment shows. The Wonderland and African Lion Safari theme parks are very popular locations for families.

The city’s major shopping complex is located underneath the CN Tower. It is every shoppers dream mall containing 12,000 shops. Within this mall and the rest of the city you can find all kinds of fashions and products. There are also great markets to browse around such as the Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market.

Eating and Drinking
Food establishments within the city of Toronto are affordable and serve a variety of both local and international cuisine. Toronto is renowned for its great after hours party life. There are loads of bars, clubs and restaurants that keep the city alive at night.

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