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Practicality Of Creative Writing With Passion

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Writing throughout history has transformed itself to either an immortalization of one's thoughts or a lucrative business. The first is the essence and the other one is the consequence.

With respect to the art of writing itself, it must always be treated with reverence. Not that too many great people have dedicated themselves towards glorifying the art or that it has become a means by which we have learned history and man's life but because it is in itself, a vital part of our existence.

Creative writing must come from the heart. It can be learned. It can be copied from what has already been written by other authors, only adding some innovative details. It can be new. Whatever you choose, so long as you write from your heart and from the deepest of your thoughts, you are sure to crop out creative ideas.

There is literally hundreds of ways by which you can manipulate your creativity towards writing. But whatever you do, never loose sight of your aim. That is, to write as your heart dictates.

We can never give justice to writing if we treat it as a job or we if we see it from a business-mind's perspective alone. It must be dealt with passionately. Without passion, one will never be good enough for writing.

Writers write because they have no other choice.

There seems to be a tiny voice (which somehow overpowers the owner of this voice) that urges someone to write. This never stops in telling you to put your ideas, sentiments, emotions, notions, name it, into paper that you can go back into.

This voice will let you explore the significance of writing to your being. This tiny voice will let you realize that writing has no boundaries. It is the guiding voice that would show you your own path, a road that was set apart for you even before time begun.

The strange thing though is that this inner writer never stops in urging you, not even if you have already forgotten listening to him. But you see, it is inevitable for an inborn writer to turn away from his gifts. The voice may be silent for sometime and it has justifications for doing so.

It may be that for a couple of times, you have failed to listen to it or worse, you deliberately turned away from it. But it is its nature to come back to its ever-persisting voice to encourage you to write as it would say.

Creative writing is not only an art, it is a devotion, a passion, an instinct. You may learn technical techniques on how to hone your talent but you see, at the end of the day, you may not need as much technical training as you would have first thought. In fact, you are built in ways that are ideal for your becoming a writer.

A philosopher once told us of the beasts that thrive within us. Now, know and really take into consideration that there lives a genius within you, you just have to tune into him. And once you do, you will learn that this genius is the only thing that could help you towards turning yourself into a creative writer.

Creative writing can be channeled out to profit. But that is not the real essence of writing. If you write, just write from your heart and never mind the pockets. Because after all, business will find its ways to follow those who write their hearts well.

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