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Discovering Spain With A Detailed Map

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A detailed map of Spain is important when planning a vacation, especially if you plan to explore or take a tour of the country. A good map provides an idea of the layout of the country and its various regions and larger cities which can help you decide where you want to spend your vacation, whether by the beach, in the countryside or in a fast-paced, larger city atmosphere.

A map is also useful if you are taking a tour of Spain, though a detailed map may be provided if you are touring with a group. Popular tours include climbing, hiking or walking tours, bicycle tours or wine and food tours. When touring, be sure to stay with your group, but a map will be especially helpful if you do get lost. If you are permitted time away from the group, always have a clear understanding of where and at what time you are supposed to reunite with the group. If you are not touring with a group but rather traveling on your own, a detailed map is a wise purchase. If you are driving from one destination to another, a map outlining both the larger highways and smaller roads will help prevent you from getting lost as you travel from one place to another.

The southern part of Spain is known as the Costa del Sol wherein you will find cities such as Seville, Malaga and Granada. The Costa del Sol is a becoming a popular vacation destination among tourists. The beaches along the coastline are a major attraction for this region, but it is also becoming a popular year round destination for golfers.

Along the eastern coast of Spain is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. This region is known as the Costa Blanca and is home to some very popular vacation destinations such as Alicante, Torrevieja and Barcelona. These larger cities in this region are very popular vacation destinations, offering beaches, sightseeing, nightlife and so much more.

Central Spain consists of the country’s capital city, Madrid, as well as beautiful mountain chains. This central city is where you will find many small towns with historical sights and attractions to help learn about the Spanish culture and history. Fortunately, the nearby mountain chains of the Sierra de Guadarrama, Sierra de Gredos and Montes de Toledo add a beautiful touch to this central region and help balance the city life atmosphere of Madrid.

Finally, you will find coastal resorts and small fishing villages in the northern part of Spain. The villages and resorts offer a taste of authentic Spanish life where you can experience the Spanish culture more than you may in a larger city with tourism as its focus. Some areas such as La Rioja, for example, are known for wine production where you can get a taste of the famous Rioja wine.

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