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FIXING HEALTH CARE: A Letter to Politicians

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For almost sixty years elected politicians have been playing “politics”, pardon the pun, with citizen’s freedoms, and in the process over-spending our tax dollars and slowly increasing their power over each and every one of us. This last election showed that we, the real patriots are finally tired of the games you have played year in and year out to keep your position of power. We are now wide awake and determined to cut government down to size. I write about “health care” and you have used this subject as a tool to help you gain political power. The truth is, even before you confiscated the issue of health care for political gain, the system worked fine. I know, I was there to see it and actually was a part of the health care system for over forty years.

The American people are awake and alert to your schemes and will be observing your behavior until the next election to determine if you really understand how serious we are. Your political future will be determined by how serious you are about working for us. The following are a few topics we will be watching and following, and your votes will help us decide if you are worthy to stay in office and sincere about what we care about.

The first subject is Health Care. We want government totally out of the health care industry. We understand that thirty percent of our population is too ill equipped to provide sufficiently for their life’s necessities. The same thirty percent were there before government got involved over sixty years ago and there are probably more now, even after all these years of your involvement. That unfortunate thirty percent was taken care of before government intervention and are no better off today, so this is what we have learned; politician’s involvement in health care has done nothing but create a false sense of entitlement for the thirty percent with their hands out, inflate health care costs, and provide a system that encourages corruption and dishonesty. Get out of the health care system and let free-enterprise work.

The next thing we want you out of is Education. For sixty plus years you have been telling us education would be better if only government spent more money in this area. Guess what, kids are graduating from high school today who cannot even balance a checkbook, they are indoctrinated to believe socialism works and they are “entitled” to have life’s necessities provided by others. Privatize education or leave it to local communities but government needs to get out.

The next thing we expect of you is to support lower taxes, much lower taxes. Only an idiotic politician believes that raising taxes increases government revenue. This has been proved over and over through the years and we expect you to work hard reducing taxes, reducing spending, reducing entitlements and bring sanity and fiscal restraint back to Washington DC.

The next items are pretty much self-explanatory and we expect you to work hard implementing them. Reduce the size of the government bureaucracy. If half of the buildings in Washington DC were empty it might be pretty close to about right. Work to make sure each bill voted on is a “single topic bill” with no more “irrelevant and costly ornaments” hanging from the bill that have nothing to do with the topic. FYI: Better yet, we have enough laws, start eliminating some of them. Next, we expect you to know the difference between “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants”. Immigrants are welcome in this country because they will go through the process of gaining citizenship. Illegal immigrants are not welcome and deserve nothing from our treasury, simply because they are here ILLIGALLY. Another item in need of attention is voting. We do not think dead people should be allowed to vote. Nor should citizens who work for the government or those who receive financial assistance from the government be allowed to vote. In truth these people are beholding to politicians who provide this largess t

Fritz Scheffel provides regular articles about health care and has books on the subject currently available through Amazon, Amazon Kindle and The Health Care Fix website. In addition, Fritz has an eNewsletter covering multiple health care topics and Fritz is also available for public speaking opportunities. To contact Fritz, information is available on the website or you can call directly 770-500-0406.
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