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Public Water Fluoridation Causes Cancer

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Dr. Dean Burk published more than 250 scientific articles in his lifetime and later became head of the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Cytochemistry Sector in 1938. After retiring form the NCI in 1974, Dr. Dean Burk remained active as a true American HERO fighting for all of us. He devoted himself to his opposition to water fluoridation. According to Burk "fluoridation is a form of public mass murder."

The current NCI stance is that fluoride does NOT cause cancer. They IGNORE studies proving IT DOES. One study in 2006 from the American Cancer Society (ACS), proved that it caused osteoporosis in women. I found it on back in 2011, but it has since disappeared. Published studies on this subject from the ACS had stopped shortly this 2006 study. Now the ACS have a standardized statement on the subject, which can be found word-for-word on the NCI, EPA, FDA, and other government websites. It is obvious to me as someone that has witnessed the rewriting of history on this subject, that there are certain people in power deliberately hiding the truth, to the detriment of ALL Americans. (see the cost below)

"They (ACS) lie like scoundrels." -- Dean Burk, Ph.D.

Let's take a moment and watch this interview with Dr. Dean Burk on this serious terrorism being perpetrated by those in power AGAINST the American people.

In 1977, it was shown that fluoridation caused about 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk. Despite the importance of these findings, they were not released until 1989.

Another study showed that rats drinking fluoridated water:

  1. Showed an increase in tumors and cancers in oral squamous cells.
  2. Developed a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma.
  3. Showed an increased in thyroid follicular cell tumors.
  4. Developed a rare form of liver cancer known as hepatocholangiocarcinoma.

From the video:

Other research resurfaced by Dr. Dean Burk showing that fluoride increases the cancer death rate. Dr Burk refers to one powerful study, which compares the 10 largest U.S. cities with fluoridation to the 10 largest without. Researchers found that following fluoridation, deaths from cancer went up significantly in as little as ONE year.

Dr. Dean Burk also discusses the Delaney Clause, which is the 1958 amendment to the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, named after Congressman James Delaney of New York. It clearly states:

"the Secretary of the Food and Drug Administration shall not approve for use in food any chemical additive found to induce cancer in man, or, after tests, found to induce cancer in animals."

Between 2000 and 2010, the percent of the U.S. population on public water supplies receiving fluoridated water increased from 65% to 73.9%, just a percentage point under the Healthy People 2010 national health initiative objective. A total of 26 states and the District of Columbia have met the objective and state percentages range from more than 99% in Kentucky, Maryland and Illinois to 10.8% in Hawaii. With 114,800,000 Households in the US (2010 Census), 73.9% represents 83,804,000 households in America with fluoridated water in 2010.

The easiest way to reduce fluoride levels is for the government to simply abide by its own laws and put a stop to  water fluoridation, which has not only been proved to increase deaths from cancer, but has also been directly linked to decreased IQ in children.

Fluoride is a chemical contaminate and is NOT removed by active carbon filters or distillation.

Until water fluoridation comes to a halt, the only way to significantly reduce fluoride exposure is to invest in a reverse osmosis water filtration system, and standard systems are not enough. They must be modified with a bone char filter to reduce most, but not all of the fluoride. A $600 table top unit will help your drinking water, but you will still be bathing in it, and the skin is the biggest organ in the human body. We still absorb the fluoride.

A typical whole house system can cost $2,000 to $3,000. It is expensive. For American households that are being poisoned to get a whole-house filtration system, it would cost about $209,510,000,000 using the above figures from 2010. That's over 200 TRILLION dollars for a partial fix. This cost does not factor the increase in homes with public water fluoridation since 2010 or the costs associated with maintaining these RO water filtration systems. Neither does it factor the cost of medical treatments for problems caused by fluoride.

"In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical." -- Dr. Dean Burk -- Congressional Record 21, July 1976

"When you have power, you don't have to tell the truth. That's a rule that's been working in this world for generations. And there are a great many people who don't tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions." -- Dr. Dean Burk


  • FLUORIDATION: Mind Control of the Masses - by Ian E. Stephen (1995)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet - Sodium fluoride MSDS - states the Chronic Potential Heath Effects of fluoride include: fluorosis, including joint pain, weakness, limited joint mobility, brittle bones, ossifications on x-ray, thickening of long bone cortices, calcification of ligaments, osteomalacia, osteosclerosis (skeletal - bone and teeth - abnormalities) and mottled tooth enamel. Other symptoms may include anemia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, kidney damage and weight loss/anorexia, bronchitis to develop with cough, phlegm, and/or shortness of breath, and liver issues (hepatic enzymes increased, causing jaundice).
  • More details:
  • Fluoride does NOT reduce cavities and DOES cause brittle bones and a soft brain - CLICK HERE for details. The idea that fluoride fights cavities was based on simple "observations" - not proof. It was NOT proven then, still has NOT been proven, and proof is not discussed by those that recommend it.

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