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Windows 8 - CRYPTSVC service

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This service was crashing an old program I have been using for over a dozen years on older operating systems as far back as Windows 98. It worked fine with Windows 7, but was crashing on my new Windows 8 computer. After a month, I finally tracked it down to this CRYPTSVC service, which is using memory addresses through ntdll.dll that conflicts with my beloved program – CRYPTSVC is not necessary for windows updates and I had disabled it with my old Windows 7 computer, which worked successfully for 4 years.

It would be nice to have only the services needed running at any given time. For example: If I am disconnected from the Internet, about half of the services I currently have running could be disabled, but MS does not handle this.

Windows 8 does have a nice interface to control inbound requests – disable all is good. Outbound requests are still a problem – your programs run and can send information out to the Internet without your permission or knowledge. You can set up rules, but ideally, all off would be my preference. This setting currently disables network discovery and Internet access.

Too bad MS has core settings that categorize core functionality like network and Internet connections on the same level as eBay and Shopify spyware, which is enabled on most new machines by default. My new Windows 8 computer was loaded with about 40 services, which are basically spyware for large corporations.

CRYPTSVC is part of that.

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