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7 Ways to Use Drip Marketing

Submitted by David L Allred | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me! | IBC

Allow me to share with you a little technique that has brought success to myself and many who I have had an opportunity to mentor. It is called the "Drip Technique!" Now when I say drip, do you understand what I mean? I mean, slowly drip your message, product, or service to your target audience. If you think about it, water can and has worked itself through massive rocks and formations just by a simple drip. The Grand Canyon wasn't formed in a weekend! It took a consistent and persistent flow of water to develop one of the greatest natural attractions known in the World today.

Just as the Colorado River formed the Great Grand Canyon, you can create a massive income in your business that can be immediate and residual at the same time by using this technique.

Some of your potential customers will respond immediately while with others it may take a while with more exposure to what you have to offer. For some, the timing might not be right now, but when they get your email, or newsletter down the road, the timing could be perfect.

Here are a few ways that you can drip your audience:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Auto-responder emails
  3. Letters or Postcards
  4. Follow-up Phone Calls
  5. RSS Feeds from your Blog
  6. Brochures
  7. Voice-mail marketing

I would have to name numbers 1 and 2 the most effective ways to drip someone the pieces of your bigger puzzle. The idea is to give them a taste. Every newsletter or email sent should contain a little piece of information which will entice them to want more and by the time they receive a few, they will be ready to buy, sign up, or commit. But there must be three key ingredients:

  1. Consistency
  2. Proper Frequency - Don't overdue it!
  3. Value in each drip!

In other words, be consistent, drip your audience once every week at the most, and offer a link, a free resource, or helpful information in every drip that will entice them to want the next one! Ensure your success by utilizing all the tools that are available to you as an Entrepreneur!

Decide here and now who you would like to be. Are you going to be the one with big ideas, a passion for life, a mountain of ambition, and a burning desire for success? Or, are you going to be the one who settled? The choice is really simple to make, but the destinations are completely different! Stop Settling and Start Living! Visit or

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