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Help For Joomla! Users: The XML Setup File Error Message – Upload Failed

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The content management system known as Joomla! is a powerful and versatile software system that will not only become increasingly popular, but will become more usable as program developers create more and more extensions. However, not all software additions are always flawlessly easy to install, especially in their first releases. If you are a newcomer to Joomla!, and if you have tried to add on any extensions to the basic Joomla 1.0.10 software, you may have encountered an error message when using the Joomla! installer to try to install new components, modules, or mambots (via a zip file). The error messages that we have seen have included the following kinds of text messages: "Upload mambot - Upload Failed ERROR: Could not find an XML setup file in the package Upload mambot - Failed" or "Upload mambot - Failed XML setup file is not for a mambot." For example, at one of our Joomla websites, we initially had trouble trying to install these 4 file downloads: com_performs v1, com_pollxt, docmanV13_RC_2, and mod_adsense_joomlaspan_2[1].0_C, which we obtained through browsing the extensions offered at the website. After some web research and our own trial and error process, we discovered some easy installation solutions that solved our problems, but we cannot guarantee these will work for everyone. We worked with the latest version, Joomla 1.0.10.

First, pay attention to the menu options under which you are trying to install these. If the file begins with a "mod", then under the Installer tab click on "modules" (not mambots or components). If it begins with a "com", then try the components option under the Installer tab. If it does not give you a clue in the file name, you can just try all three options to see if one works, or go back to the Joomla extensions page and check to see how it is listed--as a mambot, module, or component.

Second, some of the extensions need to have the initial zip file (exactly as you downloaded it) uploaded via the installer. Others have another zip file inside the initial zip file (that you can see in the folder created when you extract the files), and it is that inner zip file that needs to be uploaded via the installer (and remember, uploaded under the right category--component, module, mambot). By the way, when we say uploaded here, we are referring to the button inside the Installer section that refers to uploading and unpacking. If you need further help with your Joomla software, the information and forum at might be of help.

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