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SEVEN tips on Submitting Your Ezine articles to content sites and Publishers

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1. Make sub-lists from Your ezine publishers list:

If you have an ezine publishers list, seperate the list based on the
topic of the ezine. Send only specific content to specific ezines.
For example if you write ezine articles on self improvement, don't
send it to search engine based ezines. The more specific you choose your
ezine publishers, the more chances of getting published.

2. URLs in Your ezine articles:

Always check the urls in your ezine articles. After all, one of the
purposes of writing and submitting articles is to get some prospects. Right?

3. Offer 'Win and Win Situation' to the publishers:

If you are promoting your product through the ezine article, offer
the chance of inserting affiliate link for the publishers. Or provide any
free service to them or to their subscribers.

4. Automate the process:

Use some sort of software to automate this submission. So you don't have
to go through each email address and send one by one.
Autoresponder that sends Your articles to your ezine publishers at
specified intervals of time:
Automatic and targeted submission software:

5. Ezine publishers Instructions:

Some ezine publishers send some specific instructions like short articles,
or a link back from your web site etc. Feel free to follow them to get
more chances of publishing.

6. Ezine + Online publications:

Some ezine publishers send ezines to their subscribers and also they
publish their ezines on their web sites as archives. Tell you what...
This is a big plus point for your link popularity and also it brings you
visitors all the time.

7. How many and how often to send the ezine articles:

Give a minimum of one month gap to send a second article again to a
publisher. Ezine publishers receive many articles every day and following
these tips increase your chances of getting published -
= Well formatted article
= Clean subheadings for the articles
= Only one article per email
= Thank you note for their time
= Shouldn't be like a sales letter
= Topic oriented and simple explanations
= No spelling errors
= No broken Urls

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