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White Papers as Syndicated Content

Submitted by Teo Graca | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me! | IBC

There is a huge shift taking place where businesses are pulling white papers off their sites and reworking them as social media content – they are branding the information from their white papers as specialized or niche information and establishing themselves as experts in their industries by generating interest in the information through syndicates (collections of interested people). The reworked content provides unique and valuable insights to interested people (the syndicate) and provides an opportunity for people to get to know, like and trust them in the process.

The content doesn’t necessarily have to be placed off your main website – the social media sites can point back to the content pages on your website. Social book-marking sites like Delicious, Digg and Reddit allow you and others to add it to their bookmarks and every “add” counts as a “vote” for the content. When the reworked white paper content gets book-marked by 50-100 people, it gets significant attention from the search engines and brings up your website’s rankings in the search engines – it is seen as much more relevant than a single downloadable white paper with no real traffic and no way to be indexed by the search engines.

There are very specific techniques available to allow your content to be set up properly indexed by the search engines, which I will cover later. If your content is not indexed properly, it will not be found and remain unknown and unread. As businesses begin to realize that they have huge assets (white papers) just sitting around doing nothing, they are beginning to make this transition to using their white papers as content assets for marketing.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Kay Nikookary - Marketing and Brand Specialist - Information Architect! What a perfect title for the man that knows so much about technology, execution, business strategy and how to put it all together to make huge strides for your organization. I have seen Teo at work and would recommend him to anyone seeking a dynamic speaker on the diverse and complex topic of technology, I would recommend Teo to anyone starting or restructuring their company to take advantage of technology and tap into the global marketplace. He is the ideal consultant, speaker, project leader! Teo is one of those rare gems that knows IT and can truly be the architect of your system; and yet explain it you, and others like me, that don't always understand or want to know the technology side of the picture. He is a very personable gentleman who knows his stuff and if you are considering a technology question, then you need to at least have a conversation with him - because he WILL add value for you! - August 17, 2008, Kay was Teo's client


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