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Social Media Specialists

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I have been experimenting since the middle of 2007 with providing work at home opportunities for people that can provide syndication services to bring content up in the search engine rankings. It is effective, but requires training and is relatively expensive. Since then, I have honed this process down to a science and have a large number of people in my syndicate that will provide social bookmarks and comments, but there is still a fixed cost associated with paying social media specialists and auditing their work. Ideally, promoting content would become an automated process through a syndicate of followers that are actively seeking out your new content. Connecting with people that already have a solid syndicate is the best way to begin building your own.

We are continually adding social media specialists to our syndicate, and as we do, our syndicate becomes more powerful in terms of creating the initial boost required for the viral spread of content. You can do the same within your network of connections, but it takes very specific training and follow-through. You must be able to audit work done and provide the appropriate motivation, or you will find that only a few are actually doing the work. In the last couple years of working in this area creating and managing a syndicate, I have overcome significant logistical issues motivating others to stay on track. If you are thinking of setting up a syndicate of social media specialists within your organization, we have compiled some useful information in the reference section below (see Syndicate Creator). There are some best practices associated with this effort that will save you time and money. These include the auditing and motivational systems that work for us.

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Social Media Marketing and Syndication
The Evolution of Advertising

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Courtney Stone - Market Developer at Optanium - I launched a new business part time and was looking for some ideas on how to make it easy to manage from home. I found Teo at and began learning about web marketing and realized there really is so much to learn, but it was all right there! I like his GET UNSTUCK message for the site. I was stuck, and Teo got me unstuck fairly quickly! - March 15, 2012, Courtney was Teo's client


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