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Assessments and Evaluations

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Free assessments and evaluations are a great implementation of the free item. If done correctly, it can also act as a lead qualifier, and not just a survey. Surveys generally collect information for further study; whereas the assessment or evaluation is used to determine the need for your product or service. The level of need that is determined should result in some definite next steps for the lead that will close the gap between where the lead is and where the lead wants to be.

The pitch that get leads to fill out and get the assessment or evaluation has to make it very clear that the information is applicable, explain the need, and promise valuable information that will benefit the leads. Once the lead acts, a success or failure rating needs to be presented to layout some next steps. If leads really need your product or service, they are scored differently than someone that is already on the right track. This should reflect a scoring system that provides your sales team a way to determine a plan of action based on each lead’s associated needs.

As an example, many consulting firms have an initial paid analysis to determine the needs of a company, and they use this to up-sell a more extensive and comprehensive consultation to implement solutions, or at least create a plan of action to resolve the issues found. The free assessment or evaluation can be a very small subset of the key elements of the initial paid analysis. This can then determine the need and provide a ranking in terms of the level of need. Even though some may receive a very low ranking on need, there are still some useful recommendations that can be made, and if presented properly, these prospects may still want to fine-tune their processes.

Typically, perfection is the goal, and no matter how close you and your customers get to it, perfection may never be achieved, but striving for perfection is the mission, and making continuous strides toward it represents integrity and reliability. The most successful businesses always provide opportunities for consultants that can take them to the next step. The free evaluation or assessment makes it easy for them to choose you.

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