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Net-Teams Services - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing the highest quality experience possible and we measure our success by one standard: Total Customer Satisfaction. We feel that the best way to build repeat business and a long lasting relationship with our customers is by partnering with them to help achieve their business objectives through quality service and support. We provide the following guarantees to help ensure Total Customer Satisfaction. All of our programs are set up so you can cancel at anytime, but we will do everything in our power to make sure you get a great value so you will stay with us!

Free Service Upgrade Guarantee

As we upgrade our services, all our existing clients get free upgrades. This is our way of helping you keep up with the rapidly changing technologies on the web, and it is a reward system for customers that have been with us longer. At Net-Teams, we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer rewards to existing customers, not just new customers.

Cancellations And Free Rescheduling Guarantee

We offer Free Scheduling to all our consultation and planning customers. If you need to reschedule a meeting for any reason, just let us know and provide some alternative days and times. If your request is made at least 24 hours in advance, any paid amounts will be credited accordingly.

Third Party Service Provider Guarantee

We can't really guarantee services from others, but if they fail to meet your expectations, please Contact Us. Net-Teams provides powerful custom solutions for all your CRM, SMM and Online Training needs. Our number 1 priority is customer satisfaction and our goal is not just to meet, but beat your highest expectations. We look forward to doing business with your organization!

Hosted Services Guarantee

We host on the cloud and have provided top level up time for years. We guarantee the best in the business when it comes to systems hosting.

We have the most dependable hosting available today. We continually test and upgrade our servers to make sure our customers get the best! Most companies brag about 99.9% up time, but our record is much better, and we get more dependable every year. Here are our overall stats for all of our customers' websites:
  • 99.9896148556235004% = 2012
  • 99.9895956443247895% = 2011
  • 99.9866668574219905% = 2010
  • 99.9735619758432541% = 2009
  • 99.9726294594965432% = 2008
  • 99.9459% = 2007

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Kay Nikookary - Marketing and Brand Specialist - Information Architect! What a perfect title for the man that knows so much about technology, execution, business strategy and how to put it all together to make huge strides for your organization. I have seen Teo at work and would recommend him to anyone seeking a dynamic speaker on the diverse and complex topic of technology, I would recommend Teo to anyone starting or restructuring their company to take advantage of technology and tap into the global marketplace. He is the ideal consultant, speaker, project leader! Teo is one of those rare gems that knows IT and can truly be the architect of your system; and yet explain it you, and others like me, that don't always understand or want to know the technology side of the picture. He is a very personable gentleman who knows his stuff and if you are considering a technology question, then you need to at least have a conversation with him - because he WILL add value for you! - August 17, 2008, Kay was Teo's client


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