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Home Based Business Ideas At A Glance

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When you are looking for making money ideas, where you can working at home, you may be thinking about how you can start your own business. Three of the top work at home businesses where you can earn extra money as a new career are:

  1. Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. Online Advertising Agency
  3. Online Advertising Consultant
All of these can be set up and automated so that they only require a part time effort. By working at home, you can save 5-20+ hours of commuting with these entrepreneur opportunities with a low buy in. What could you do with an extra $50k to $200k per year?

We have a full certified training program that will make you an expert in search engine optmization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), multiple website marketing (MWM) and other coveted skills.

As innovators in these fields, we have developed proprietary technologies that will save you time and money as you help build your own and other people's businesses.

Internet Marketing Consultant

Business Overview
Companies large and small are getting used to fact that you need to have a web site. But just having a web site doesn't guarantee a company an increase in business--if those millions of potential customers don't happen to stumble on it, you're spinning your virtual wheels. What's a company to do? If you're internet-savvy and marketing-smart, you can be the solution to this dilemma as an internet marketing consultant. You'll seek out new ways to increase a client's web site traffic and boost sales by setting up links to other sites, developing new site content or services, creating direct-marketing programs via e-mail, and devising web advertising campaigns. The advantages to this business are that it's creative, challenging and has staying power--internet business is a reality and therefore net advertising and marketing is a necessity. As an internet marketing consultant, you'll naturally need to be a whiz when it comes to the web, with plenty of experience in links, banners, affiliate programs and all the other fine points of net navigation and promotion. You should also have traditional advertising and marketing talents so you can invent your own unique online twists to make your clients' sites shine.

The Market
Your clients will be businesses with up-and-running but not necessarily successful web sites. Decide on a target market, preferably one you already have experience with, then start a direct-mail campaign aimed at companies in that field. Erect your own web site and build links to other internet sites--this will help potential clients find you, too.

Needed Equipment
You'll need a computer with a high-speed modem, an inkjet or laser printer, and subscriptions to a wide variety of internet service providers and online communities. And since you'll want to develop your own niche market--which is the best way to avoid being buried by the competition--you'll also want subscriptions to your niche's professional or trade magazines and journals.

Online Advertising Agency

Create a website that helps visitors determine the right type of advertising for them.

Business Overview

Not only will you be providing a valuable service for site visitors, but you will also be establishing your own potentially successful business. The business concept is very straightforward. Start by designing a website that features information about various advertising mediums including rates, contact information and any special promotions or discounts in terms of advertising rates. Business owners who visit the site simply locate the type of advertising that suits their marketing program and budgets. Income is earned by charging the advertising companies a fee to be listed on the site, as well as by selling advertising space featured on the site.

Online Advertising Consultant

Help businesses advertise their websites on and offline.

Business Overview

In the rush to set up a website, many business owners fail to consider how they will advertise their site once online. In a nutshell, the role of an internet advertising consultant is to develop an advertising program specifically created to meet a client's particular needs. How do you optimize a website for search engines? What's the best way to advertise a website on and offline? These are questions many entrepreneurs are willing to pay top dollar for the answers to.

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