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Net-Teams, Inc. (NTI) – Referral Partnership Program

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If you are a referral marketing champion, you could be considered for the NTI Referral Partnership Program! We offer four stepped programs that allow you to build a customer base and level of trust with us as you learn our website software and procedures. As you build confidence at each step, we make a next level opportunity available to you. Note that once you get on board with all four of these programs (described below), we have several additional opportunities that we will provide for you.


Eligibility requires about 30 minutes of your time to go through the first two steps listed on our article "Community Based Business Plan to Help You Monetize Your Passion", which includes taking our Entrepreneur Assessment and joining our Graceful Expectations social networking site.

Step 1 - NTI Referral Partner Program:

As our referral partner, we will provide promotional opportunities and help you build customer loyalty through our branded business decorum, strategies and a solid tactical sales support system available through our website. Our sales system technology allows you to track referrals and monitor associated sales as they are developed.

NTI referral partners that are engaged with this program for at least one month are assigned a VMA website that is attached to our drip marketing campaign and any site visitors (leads) that sign up for more information (prospects) are automatically added to our system with you as their sponsor. You get a referral fee 5% of all NTI sales for any products or services that your new referrals buy from NTI. As these new prospects that you bring into our system become customers, your organization receives the referral fee forever.

NTI is looking for referral partners with the ability to provide monthly announcements to their constituents about our latest workshops and news. NTI referral partners that do this for at least a month become eligible for our Prospect Developer Program. We also valuable information to our constituents about your products and services as you fully engage the sales funnel as described in the above (creating informational and promotional articles through our Article Advocates blogging system).

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Martin Connell - President at Coupons for the Hungry, LLC - Teo has an amazing grasp for technology and social media. I believe he could build just about anything when it comes to programming data information and integration systems. Some of his recent programs and systems are truly groundbreaking. It is just a matter of time before his name is going to be uttered in the same breath as Google and Microsoft. Keep up the hard work Teo! - December 15, 2009, Martin was a consultant or contractor to Teo at Net-Teams, Inc.


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