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Your Virtual Store Front - Building Your Website as a Blog

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For anyone running an Internet business, providing good content is a must. Whether or not your strategy is to do some or most of the writing yourself, this is your most important and vital task when it comes to marketing and advertising your website, products and services. I highly recommend creating at least one article or web page per month, with or without a video or pictures to keep people coming back to your website for new and fresh information.

In this lesson, I want to give you some reasons to write and demonstrate how it can become an easy process. I also want to show the value of writing regularly. Once you get into it, I think you will find some great personal developments that help you in life and in business.

Here are 6 good reasons to write.

  1. Writing helps us learn and is a key component of the learning process. It helps us document and reflect on what we have accomplished month to month. Writing about our experiences regularly also attracts new and repeat visitors to the website.

  2. Writing clarifies our thinking and allows us to formulate a more direct path to our various visions. In my case, I focus on social media and technology for the most part, but occasionally add other topics of personal interest to me. This has become my brand and is fine-tuned as the words I like to use come to me quicker each month. The more you write, the more your unique style and personal interests will shine and your brand will become the clear path to your vision.

  3. Writing makes us smarter as we tend to become more deliberate with our words. When it comes to being able to present our message in a powerful and interesting way, it isn't so much an increased vocabulary that gets the message across as it is developing an effective message that is truly unique and easy to understand. The more you write, the easier it gets.

  4. Writing is about the process, not necessarily about the reader. Writing forces you to pick and rethink the words and sentences you construct. It forces you to evaluate your thought processes and actually helps you speak intelligently. It's like looking in the mirror to adjust your personal look. I always find that the first draft is from the heart - just write and get your point across exactly as you would say it. Write the second draft with your head. You can see how you speak, make adjustment, and come up with a better presentation of your idea.

  5. There is always something to write about. We all have unique daily experiences and a lifetime of memories. As unique individuals, we can always find a unique perspective on any thought or idea. Organizing this into about 400-800 words can be a small matter of time once you get into the flow of writing regularly and begin to find plenty of fodder for any type of writing.

  6. Writing becomes a habit and easy to do. You don't have to publish everything you write, in fact, it's best to simply collect ideas and organize them later into articles. For example: I have interests in movies, general health, and green building methods and collect information on articles you have read. I personally just cut and paste links to the articles and write a few notes next to each in the Article Advocates system. I keep these as "private" so no one can see them online. When I think I have enough information and a unique insight into some of this information, I spend a couple (few) hours and organize it into an article, which I then publish.

Blogging in Plain English (video)

Your website is your virtual storefront.

Whether you primarily want to bring in new visitors to your virtual store front, or you want to bring in repeat visitors, providing new content regularly on your website accomplishes both of these goals. As the above video demonstrates, you will attract a unique set of individuals that can relate to your personal style of writing. If these fans like what you do, the come back time and time again. The changing content on your website, if set up properly, also increases search engine rankings and attracts social media traffic in several ways. One of the most significant ways is that for each article that is shared by people on the social media sites, this draws in new traffic from the social media sites. This social media "sharing" also raises search engine rankings and draws in new traffic from the search engines.

Writing regular new content is your most valuable asset on the web today. It is also something you can do yourself or delegate to others, but make no mistake that creating quality content regularly on your website is the most effective marketing technique on the web today, and probably for many years to come. Writing also makes you a better communicator and more effective in conversations.

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