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Make 2006 a great success wherever you are

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The definition of success may be different for every person, but when getting to grips with the term, essentially it is about who you are, and who you are becoming. It is about living up to your potential and achieving your dreams. Your success is what will bring you a life of contentment, pride and enthusiasm in your accomplishments.

Too often than not though, we make lists of goals we want to achieve, but the list remains on the nightstand or kitchen table. The words do not move from the page and success seems to elude us. Regardless of what success means to you, there are strategies for making it all happen and come true for you. It is not as difficult as it may seem and is not only meant for certain people.

Are there goals you want to reach in your host country? Are there dreams you want to see happen before repatriation? I have spoken to expatriates who had such high hopes of using their years abroad to their fullest potential, but leave the borders feeling deflated and wishing they had used their time more successfully. If this is you right now, you can still make it all happen for you by applying some easy strategies that work if followed consistently and with enthusiasm.

Take action and move. Move both physically and spiritually. It could be as easy as buying a book you have been wanting to read, but get off the couch and move. If you don’t move you fall behind and then it takes double the amount of effort to play “catch up”. In other words - actively pursue your dreams and get into action. Write down your goals. Be as literary as you need to be and put pen to paper writing down in detail exactly what it is you want to achieve and what kind of life you want to live. To ensure that you do not set yourself up for failure, make the goals specific, measurable and hold yourself accountable. You do not have to do this alone, ask a friend, spouse or colleague to help you be accountable if need be and if that works for you. Remain open to possibilities, suggestions and support from others and be creative. Be careful not to shut yourself off to new ideas, new thinking, new challenges and new experiences. One never knows what opportunities may be waiting behind closed doors. Embrace all the “luck” that comes your way once you get into action. It is true that that Life rewards effort exponentially, no matter how small the effort or how challenging the obstacles. So, do not be afraid to visualize your highest goals and stay on a path of action to achieve them.

Suggestion for setting goals

Set goals that are yours and not someone else’s dream for you. It may sound selfish, but it is essential to you following through. Before setting your goals, take time to look at your thoughts and beliefs. Self-awareness is the key to making the best choices.

Some key areas in which you might consider writing your goals, if you have not already, include: family, spirituality, career, interests, lifestyle, financial, self-growth, health and well-being.

Give a plus to each of these areas you are happy with and a minus to each of the areas you are unhappy with at this present time. Choose one of the minus areas you are most unhappy with and make your beginning here. This is your first step to a happier and more successful YOU.

Quote of the week

“Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” George Sheehan

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