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Graceful Expectations Newsletter #4 - December 29, 2009

Submitted by Teo Graca and Grace Lee | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me!

Grace Live at Rhett Palmer Radio Show Car Etiquette
Rhett wanted to talk about male female social graces to help him make points with his girlfriend. I put together a short video of the radio interview and added the video lesson I taught Rhett and his audience. - Submitted by Grace Etsuko Lee [Click to Continue]
Social Security Email Scam   Corporate Income Tax Reform - Seriously
There has been an increase in devious scam emails lately and the newest ones have been specifically targeting senior citizens. The main problem is the public's lack of education about computer and Internet related security issues, especially among senior citizens. Learn how not to become a victim of such scams by understanding the dangers of using the Internet and email and how to avoid them. - Submitted by Martin Connell [Click to Continue]   The investor's eye view of politics is a simplistic, practical, dot-connecting approach to sorting things out so that win/win change can be considered. Real world politics is not concerned with such things, and that is one of the most serious problems facing investors today. - Submitted by Steve Selengut [Click to Continue]
Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization (SMM and SMO)   Conversion Processes and Using the PS-FAB Style of Writing with a Long Tail Strategy
Social Media Optimization (SMO) represents the use of social media in a way that incorporates an all-encompassing marketing campaign that builds on the use of social networking, podcasts, video and blogging. SMO is about quality, quantity and creating distribution channels for your content. It is the new "word-of-mouth" and the most effective referral marketing program available today that can bring you new and sustained business. - Submitted by Teo Graca and Stephen Adler
[Click to Continue]
  The subject covered here is all about the language used and the visual presentation you make to convert visitors to prospects and prospects to customers. Presenting ideas in the specific order of problem, solution, features, application and benefits (PS-FAB) has been found to be the most effective presentation style to motivate readers toward your conversion (your call-to-action). - Submitted by Teo Graca [Click to Continue]
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LinkedIn Recommendation: Reita Scheidel - Social Media Analyst at General Products - I had Teo create a broadcast page for my site that integrated with YouTube videos. I really like how it works and am working with him on another project called - I think this will be a real winner because I have Teo on my team. We're hoping to launch at the end of this month and I know it will be fun for everyone! Teo is easy to work with and I have a great time every time we plan a new phase for our projects! - March 17, 2012, Reita was Teo's client


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