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What is the new Buzz Standard?

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Social Buzz is the new Standard that generates leads, traffic and customers for your business. Unlike search engine marketing (SEM) and most social media marketing (SMM) approaches, which use link building techniques, the new Buzz Standard creates relevance and organic (natural) inbound linking strategies based on providing branded content about your products and services.

We create inbound "Social Buzz" first and foremost. One of the benefits is the creation of natural (not forced) inbound links. Social Buzz is a ranking factor all by itself and should never be confused with link building, which is a separate endeavor. A "natural" byproduct of Social Buzz Building is inbound references, links, comments, tags, etc. The search engines are doing everything in their power to stop or discount traditional “link building” activities and will continue to do so on into the foreseeable future.

There is one simple rule to creating buzz and natural inbound links – in a word, it is relevance. We expect to see some upcoming “Google Slaps” where sites that use non-relevant "linking strategies" get reduced in ranking, or in some cases de-indexed all together. The new focus is on "Social Buzz Building" where inbound "Social Buzz" is the new ranking factor that Google and other search engines is being used. You may have noticed Google’s recent addition of a BUZZ application to their Gmail platform (Google Buzz). What people do not realize is that this is only the tip of the iceberg for them. We have tracked Google long enough now to know how deeply they both value and understand everything related to social buzz and relevance. Based on this, we now know it as the "Buzz Standard" and the primary ranking factor every site should be focused on.

In our business, we focus on using the true power of the Internet to create raving fans based on pure social buzz. It's easier, faster, safer, and it is the future... pure and simple. As a by-product, you get more inbound links, which is not to be confused with traditional “link building”. This increases search engine rankings and provides the potential of viral social buzz expansion.

Social Buzz is currently the most powerful and long-term strategy on the web today for creating relevance. It starts with content, is furthered by branding strategies, and ends with getting the content exposure to the targeted audience you seek.

Buzz Standard programs are now only available to Internet Business Certification graduates. For details on the IBC, check out the website.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Sean Nelson - We improve your conversions by at least 20% or you pay nothing for our work. - Teo is on the cutting edge of the social media scene. I've had the opportunity to share the stage with him at a forum on Social Media and to also follow his progress with the Net Teams site. Not many people get the whole picture when it comes to social media. He does and he's helping rewrite how social media interacts with chambers of commerce. - May 15, 2008, Sean was with another company when working with Teo at Net-Teams, Inc.


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