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Business Development From Net-Teams, Inc.

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Growing your business with an effective online presence and support is our primary goal. When you're looking for others who can benefit from your wisdom and experience, we can help you reach potential clients in a variety of ways. With Teo's 30 years of entrepreneurial and technology experience plus his extensive business development and customer service background, you will get a great combination of revenue planning and automation that can grow your business online and in person.

We help you:

  • Develop products more effectively for online sales
  • Attract more qualified individuals to your programs
  • Engage more clients for planned online activities
  • Build a database of members interested in your services and products
Teo Graca - 615-266-6386
Information Architect/Business Developer/Video Producer
CEO at Net-Teams, Inc. (recommendations available on LinkedIn)
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Teo will help you create an online hub to accommodate multi-tiered membership programs and publish special members-only content, video training, certification processes, phone and in-person consultations and events. We care about your business growth and provide the expertise to help you build better relationships, create more productivity in less time, and significantly spread your wisdom by leveraging the power of the Internet. Our online systems are flexible enough to honor your unique business needs. Contact us when you are ready to upgrade your business.

Business Development and Technology Provided: Business planning, product/service development and an online membership program and website to engage your followers and fans, qualify prospects for your programs, and automate revenue for your ongoing venture.

Proposal: We are seeking ongoing relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs that have the potential to create powerful movements within their industries. Once selected, we will start by creating or upgrading your business plan, which is a living document that can be tied directly to your online activities to give you real-time progress reports. This helps you develop new revenue models and upgrade your products and services. The technology we provide can also be used to automate sales, customer service and content management. Although most of our relationships last many years, we work on an hourly basis and only as needed and approved by you. We provide hour-estimates for each task and schedule the tasks weekly and monthly as approved by you. You receive all deliverables and a report of actual hours each Friday as we help you move forward with your business plan.

Cooperative Ventures Versus Contractor: We can work as a contractor for your business or within a cooperative venture - either way, you maintain complete control of your business and determine which strategies you want to adapt. As a contractor, billable hours are paid in full on Mondays for the previous week’s work or monthly with an up front retainer for expected work to be done. For cooperative ventures, we work out a smaller hourly fee and a royalty on sales. Cooperative ventures provide you with a smaller up front cost allowing you to get more work done more quickly with the same budget. We consider the cooperative venture a time investment into your business and only offer it to entrepreneurs that we feel have a high potential for success.

Cooperative Venture Exit Strategy: Although we only offer the cooperative ventures to a couple entrepreneurs each year in an effort to establish a long term relationship, we do provide a simple exit strategy where they can buy out our time investment into any royalties program. It is a critical ethical consideration that we use to insure their continued success. Although we feel that we can handle any level of growth, an exit strategy allows our cooperative venture partners to maintain 100% control of their own successes.

Next Step: Contact Teo to discuss your project and discover if you are a good candidate for our business development program. If so, we will provide ongoing support and development for your project. You can also take our free entrepreneur assessment to help you identify your strengths (areas of your business that can be handled by you) and weaknesses (areas of your business best delegated).

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Steven. Gill - Media and Creative Services at Northrop Grumman Technical Services - Teo's work with his Net-Teams and his ability to maximize the rankings and visibility of websites is amazing, His development of iTV is particularly notable. March 16, 2012, Steven. - worked directly with Teo at Net-Teams, Inc.


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