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Touching over 1,000,000 LinkedIn Members through Group Discussions - May 2010 Case Study

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LinkedIn offers a way to start a discussion within groups. This is part of our course on running an Internet business and provides significant insights into my personal strategies and approaches with LinkedIn that you can use with your business. This campaign was run May 13, 2010. Note that the message was crafted in such a way as to fit all of these groups with as few modifications as possible.

The key to a good LinkedIn discussion is to provide informational content that links back to more details and attracts comments on the discussions within each Group. The key conversion is to generate targeted traffic to your content and website. Here is the basic discussion as it was posted in most of the groups.

Topic or Question:

Major New Trend in Social Media - Google Takes Second Place to FaceBook!

Additional Details (the tildes create space in the LinkedIn display of the discussion):


Something that may be of vital importance to you and your endeavors is the major NEW TREND in advertising. Social media is removing much of the value of search engines. Just as search engine advertising has replaced most traditional advertising over the last decade, social media advertising is doing the same thing to search engine advertising RIGHT NOW!

Will business leaders adopt early and position themselves for success, or lose out to more innovative thinkers?


  • Discussion Posted On 23 Groups
  • Touched over 1,000,000 Members
  • Custom Modifications for just Three Groups
  • One Group Dropped


Angel Investor Group
Members: 5,683

Consultants Network
Members: 122,914
Custom Title: "Does Your Knowledge of Social Media Make You More Valuable as a Consultant?"

Digital Marketing
Members: 41,741

eMarketing Association Network
Members: 237,771

Front End of Innovation
Members: 10,491

GON - Global Open Network
Members: 1,120

Inbound Marketers - For Marketing Professionals
Members: 45,712

Innovation People Expert Innovators Creative Network
Members: 10,546

Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators
Members: 94,661

Linked Georgia
Members: 2,068

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce (significant adjustment to message necessary for this group)
Members: 8,391
Custom Title: "How Do Social Media Trends Affect the Management of Multi-Generational Workforce?"
Custom Details: "Social Media is the new source for recruiting and tool for managing today's Multi-Generational Workforce. FaceBook has taken the lead for most visits and is growing daily. Will business leaders adopt social media early and position themselves for success, or lose out to more innovative thinkers that are using social media as a new source for recruiting and tool for managing today's Multi-Generational Workforce?"

Marketing & Communication Network
Members: 32,853

Marketing Communication
Members: 25,481

Metro Atlanta Business Network
Members: 1,297

On Startups - The Community For Entrepreneurs
Members: 141,422

Open Source (dropped for pushing my discussions into the jobs section - twice)
Members: 39,841
Members: 28,755

Social Media Marketing
Members: 74,585

Startup Specialists
Members: 45,209

Members: 10,985

The North Fulton Business Expo
Members: 346

Members: 69,991

White House
Members: 45,260
Custom Details: "Something that may be of vital importance to you and your endeavors is the major NEW TREND in social media use. The importance of social media has just gone up again as FaceBook recently out paced Google with over 3 BILLION Visits early in 2010! Although there are many ways to get your message out there, how are people using social media right now?"

Worldwide Management Consultants (23,000+ members)
Members: 32,100

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