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The Best Kept Secret in Advertising TODAY!

Submitted by Stephen Adler and Teo Graca | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me!

The BuZZ Standard is a new social media advertising product that is proven to generate BUZZ and TARGETED TRAFFIC.

After years of content sharing, countless hours and dollars spent on research, Net-Teams is looking for just a few partners to resell our latest product and are offering a significant discount to just them. This is something that only we offer and can be added to your arsenal of advertising products.

BuZZ Standard

  • Guaranteed targeted leads & ROI
  • Unique product - your competitors won't have
  • Easy to implement - We do the work - you get the credit
  • High profit
  • Low cost

Although traditional social media marketing can be useful, don't confuse the BuZZ Standard with hiring someone to go to FaceBook or Twitter and act in your name. The BuZZ Standard is very different. When you think of the word "advertising," you may think of banner ads, but when we talk about social media "advertising," we are talking about something VERY different than this!

Two of the things that set our product apart from most social media marketing efforts is our proprietary technology that allows anyone to view and audit the buzz, plus our unique set of social media followers that you can access through our service to build BUZZ for content on your customer's website.

We have a new 14-month case study available right now that show you exactly how social media advertising works - this video is less than 3 minutes in length.

We are so sure of the results that we offer a guaranteed ROI for your customers, and a partnership plan that provides huge advantages to your firm as a reseller, but we have a limited slow growth strategy and will be accepting only a few partnerships over the next 30 days, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Wade Davis - Search Engine Optimizer at Blammo - I had Teo do some research for me a few weeks ago and hired him again. If he doesn't know something, he tells me right up front and somehow finds it in a few seconds while we are on the phone, "oh, wait a minute.. I know now! Just found it. Now we both know" - The guys is just funny! It's great working with Teo! Highly recommended! - March 17, 2012, Wade was Teo's client


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