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Nobody Is Youer Than You! - General Branding FAQ's - Plus, The Dr. Suess Branding Strategy

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"The Dr. Suess Branding Strategy" may sound ridiculous, but branding is all about creating a unique and identifiable image for your product or service, and Suess's "Nobody is youer than you" quote says it all! As an individual, the value of being different really comes into play since it is so much easier for you to shift and adjust your branding strategy than it is for the big boys. If there are several products and services that you offer that others also offer, why would someone do business with you? It really comes down to your style, which is your brand. A clear and concise brand will attract the people you are looking for - they get to know, like and trust you quickly and this know-like-trust factor is the prerequisite to them doing business with you.

Here are a few frequently asked questions - FAQ's:

What is branding?

Everything you control online, like your website, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, articles, etc. come together in people's minds to make up your brand. You are your brand and it is important to focus it to create an image that is clear and concise - something that draws targeted leads, prospects and customers to your business.

In business, you are always selling, but how can you differentiate yourself?

Very few businesses have a unique product, but every business is different and defined by it's brand. This brand is usually a reflection of its leaders and differentiates the experience people will get when they buy products and services from you as opposed to someone else. Branding is your best way to build and sustain a strong customer base.

So, how can a small business compete?

Small businesses and home based business persons don't have a huge budget for branding, but they can differentiate themselves from everyone else by simply being themselves. Dr. Suess put it nicely: "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." The benefit of being yourself is that nobody can compete with that. You can leverage yourself on video, your voice on podcasts and your writings by simply focusing on your beliefs and passion.


I think Dr. Suess says it all here. Everyone is unique and beautiful. Focusing on what makes you unique and beautiful is the basis of what your brand can be. Testing and fine tuning your brand to tweak your image takes significant thought, but over time, you will find that this is your most powerful marketing tool. It makes you stand out from the crowd and it can quickly become your most valuable business asset!

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