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Net-Teams - Helping Businesses Prosper With Custom CRM, SMM and Online Training Solutions

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Net-Teams, Inc. (NTI) is a technology and marketing firm and offers access to a core set of system tools, which we can use to quickly develop custom CRM's, online educational systems and marketing. Move your business forward with the most powerful systems on the market and take your piece of the global market today.

Our 4 core technologies and services are:

  1. Membership Websites - Allows multiple levels of membership while you build relationships, qualify prospects, manage customers and billing, and create an effective sales funnel for your products and services.
  2. Social Media Management and Marketing (SMM) - This is the hottest service we offer. As traditional advertising becomes less and less effective, businesses are looking to social media as the solution. It requires a completely different approach to customer acquisition and we use the industry's best practices in customer service to build your business.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems - We offer custom CRM development. Our team has created integrations for other CRM's such as Sales Force, Oracle, Sage, MS Dynamics, and so many other over the years, but now we have come together to create a much more flexible and powerful system that can be customized to your exact specifications. 
  4. Online Training Solutions - We will create a custom eWorkshop delivery system for your business to provide easy course management, sales, billing, and anytime anywhere course delivery online. Education marketing and publishing services are available too.


When you think of building an effective online presence, think of Net-Teams. If you are looking for a custom CRM, SMM and Online Training solution, contact us.

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LinkedIn Recommendation: Kay Nikookary - Marketing and Brand Specialist - Information Architect! What a perfect title for the man that knows so much about technology, execution, business strategy and how to put it all together to make huge strides for your organization. I have seen Teo at work and would recommend him to anyone seeking a dynamic speaker on the diverse and complex topic of technology, I would recommend Teo to anyone starting or restructuring their company to take advantage of technology and tap into the global marketplace. He is the ideal consultant, speaker, project leader! Teo is one of those rare gems that knows IT and can truly be the architect of your system; and yet explain it you, and others like me, that don't always understand or want to know the technology side of the picture. He is a very personable gentleman who knows his stuff and if you are considering a technology question, then you need to at least have a conversation with him - because he WILL add value for you! - August 17, 2008, Kay was Teo's client


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